About Us

Here at Fresh Mongolian BBQ & Grill we have a great family operated team in place that will offer you one of a kind experience. We offer nothing but the highest quality ingredients from the highest rated meat, noodles, and FRESH veggies. Whether you are a vegetarian, meat lover, or a simple burger person we have many options for you. You can create your own bowl choosing from variety of meats, vegetables ,sauces, then top it off with your choice of rice or noodles then hand it to our chiefs and watch your food get cooked live to perfection on our Mongolian grill (which can reach over a maximum temperature of 600 degrees Fahrenheit). Its fast, delicious and healthy.

Fun Fact

Mongolian barbecue was originally invented by Genghis Khan while he and his brave warriors were on their expeditions across the world. They would thinly slice meat, add seasonings, and use their swords to stir fry the meat on an iron shield. Using this method, the food can be prepared and served within a few minutes. After the Mongolians conquered China in the 13th century, the Chinese modified the taste by adding fresh vegetables and special sauces. The dish is served with traditional Chinese biscuits, steamed rice, and soup, making Mongolian barbecue a historic and artistic cuisine.

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